The following example is based around a church, synagogue, or mosque with a slightly larger congregation than many of the more modest houses of worship, but a lot of the principals can be extracted and used on a much smaller scale if necessary. This setup utilizes both video and audio elements for a typical gathering that will involve both musical and speech elements. It also incorporates a live internet stream that can help reach infinitely more people.

Video Elements

The video elements of this setup are used in two very specific ways. The first is to allow everybody within the venue to see what is happening on stage. This is done using five cameras (three studio cameras and two Asystems PTZ cameras).
The second use of video elements is done to display prayers and lyrics to the audience. This is done using either a blu-ray/DVD player or – more often than not – a powerpoint presentation on a notebook. Incorporate text, graphics and pre-recorded videos into your program with ease.
These video elements are fed into the main video switcher, in this case the Asystems AV800HD. The versatile inputs allow you to connect almost any device at any frame rate or resolution and use it in a broadcast without dropping frames or losing quality.

Video elements are mixed on the AV800HD, with the producer switching between camera sources and video elements as necessary. This is previewed on a monitor, allowing for better control and cueing of video elements. The main signal is also sent to projectors and televisions strategically placed around the room to allow for maximum visibility.
The main program is recorded directly to a USB flash drive. This includes audio elements (discussed below) and saved in pristine 1080p resolution. In addition to this, the entire event will be live streamed through the internet (an internet connection is, of course, required). Live broadcasts can be done through a number of platforms including twitch, facebook, periscope, livestream and a number of other sites. This allows you to reach more people than ever before!

Audio Elements

On the audio side of things, this example offers enough room for a full choir and live band to perform musical accompaniment. Each DMA8800 features 8 input channels perfect for both microphone and line-level inputs. As this example shows, the DMA8800 could be used for mic and line-level input sources, but can be networked with the NT2508 to make use of the onboard amplifiers. This would require the DT88 expansion for both of the DMP8800 and the NT2508.
The NT2508 is available in a few different configurations. For our “House of Worship” solution, we have utilized 100V distributed lines. This allows for multiple speakers to be connected to cover a larger area. The DMP8800’s eight output connectors can be connected to active speakers for additional coverage or for use as stage monitors.