Most restaurants, when not being used for simple meals, host a wide range of events: wedding receptions, banquets, and a wide-variety of parties – birthday, engagement, retirement and so forth. Asystems products can provide high performance audio in a number of these situations, from every day meals to elaborate events.

The Asystems DMA8825 Digital Matrix Amplifiers can provide distribution of digital processed audio in up to 8 individual zones/regions. The discrete RM series of wall-mount remotes integrate flawlessly into the system for easy level control, preset recall, muting and more.

The DMA Series systems are available with low-impedance or distributed line configurations. A distributed audio system would be preferable in this example as it enabled multiple speakers to be run over longer distances, helping to fill out the room more evenly. This is perfect for ambient music and talk-over / announcements.

If your restaurant, club or bar regularly holds special events, front of house systems can be integrated into the system using a low-impedance (4 ohm system). This provides more direct, intense audio for your front-of-house setup.