Classrooms are where we mold our youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. The more access we give them to equipment that can both deliver educational content and increase their understanding of A/V, the more they’ll learn to enjoy education in general. Asystems gear is not only suitable for our youth, but can follow them through high school and college.

Here we present a rather complex classroom setup. The entire class is broadcast via livestreaming using the MK20HD PTZ Cameras and the AV800HD Video Switcher (connected to a laptop computer). This system can also record in high definition directly to a portable hard drive.
The AV800HD can also be used to send video to interactive whiteboards for presentation of educational content.

On the audio side of things, multiple microphones – and other audio sources – can be connected to the DMP8800 Digital Audio Processors. These can be networked using the Dante Network Expansion Cards.

The NT2508 Network Amplifier can be utilized to drive audio in this and other areas. This example utilizes a low-impedance setup, with the amplifier driving 4 ohm speakers. Six power channels are left unused in this example, for potential expansion and use in other classrooms.
The NT Series of DSP-enabled Network Amplifiers are the perfect choice for educational institutes both large and small.