Asystems products were built with contactors in mind. We’ve carefully designed and crafted numerous products that seamlessly integrate into any existing system, or can be used to build a new system for almost any professional setup. From digital matrix amplifiers to video switchers, Asystems products build upon existing norms to create unique audio visual experiences.

Worship Service

The following example is based around a church, synagogue, or mosque with a slightly larger congregation than many of the more modest houses of worship, but a lot of the principals can be extracted and used on a much smaller scale if necessary. This setup utilizes both video and audio elements for a typical gathering that will involve both musical and speech elements. It also incorporates a live internet stream that can help reach infinitely more people.

Corporate Events

A boardroom / business meeting can be enhanced significantly by the use of Asystems professional audio and video solutions. The size and scope of your meeting is only limited by your imagination, with the incorporation of live-webstreaming and flexible auto-mixing.feature a total of 8 microphone pre-amps, each handling a single desk-top microphone’s signal with the utmost of care. These signals can be all networked and sent to the NT Network Power Amplifiers for output to speaker.

Educational Programs

Classrooms are where we mold our youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. The more access we give them to equipment that can both deliver educational content and increase their understanding of A/V, the more they’ll learn to enjoy education in general. Asystems gear is not only suitable for our youth, but can follow them through high school and college.

Hotel & Hospitality

Hotels can vary greatly in size and shape, with the larger hotels handling a wide variety of events, from corporate exhibitions and wedding receptions to award ceremonies and banquets. The following example is for a moderately sized hotel lobby with lounge and retail store, but leaves much room for expansion.


Most restaurants, when not being used for simple meals, host a wide range of events: wedding receptions, banquets, and a wide-variety of parties – birthday, engagement, retirement and so forth. Asystems products can provide high performance audio in a number of these situations, from every day meals to elaborate events.

Retail Outlet

From your simple shop to your larger department stores, audio helps put shoppers at ease. Regardless of what you sell, background music can and will encourage shoppers to stay longer and purchase more. Asystems’ network amplifiers provide complete coverage of multiple areas throughout your store. The DMP808 Digital Matrix Processor has been utilized here, with simple microphone and music sources connected.