PTZ Camera Remote Control with Viewfinder Screen and Multi-View Output

• Control up to 100 Asystems MK20HD Plus cameras
• Each camera offers 10 independent camera presets (including 8 hot key presets & 2 fully- featured presets)
• Built-in Interface multi-viewer output (up to 16 split images as determined by user)
• Wi-Fi/LAN video streaming input and control
• Powered over Ethernet for streamlined setup
• MK25RC supports Wi-Fi and LAN for IP connection
• User-defined pan, tilt, zoom and focus speeds control by analog levers and controls
• Built-in Recorder function for capturing individual or multiple cameras
• USB connector for third-party HID flight stick / game pad for precision pan-tilt control


The MK25RC is the ultimate remote control and center for your PTZ camera setup. A single MK25RC can control up to 100 individual IP cameras (such as the Asystems MK20HD Plus), and each camera can have its own user-set tour path making it an ideal control center for security systems. The unit isn't limited to that, however, giving users an extra multi- view screen allowing for more enhanced production while its light weight and PoE powering option ensures mobile production crews can make use of its fantastic features without having to mess with adapters. Video signals are sent to the MK25RC through Wi-Fi from compatible Asystems IP cameras in high definition for either monitoring (through built-in screen or connected multi-view monitor) or even HD recording to SD cards. So whether setting up an elaborate security system or building a production-ready system, the MK25RC is a necessary component in your system.

Rear Panel
System Setup Diagram

Wi-Fi Connectivity

While the MK25RC features POE connectivity and thus can be powered through a router, the unit also has integrated Wi-Fi that allows both control and video transmission through your wireless local area network. Connect all of your applicable MK20HD Plus cameras to your hub and wireless connect the MK25RC through the settings. Video from your setup cameras is transferred in full HD to the control unit, able to be sent to the multi-view display or recorded to an SD card.


The MK25RC features an Interface output connector for a user-determined multi-view display. Connecting up to 100 IP cameras to the unit allows for a lot of options for viewing and the MK25RC gives the user the option to customize their view screen.

Connect HID Flight Stick

A USB connection allows for the connection of a third- party HID USB-compliant flight stick to allow for much simple control of cameras. Connect the flight stick to the MK25RC's rear-panel USB port and you're good to go.