PTZ Camera Remote Control

• Control up to 25 Asystems MK20HD Plus cameras
• Each camera offers 10 independent camera presets (including 8 hot key presets & 2 fully- featured presets)
• Powered over Ethernet for streamlined setup
• MK20RC Plus supports RS-422 and LAN for IP and serial connections
• User-defined pan, tilt, zoom and focus speeds control by analog levers and controls
• Tally light indicators

Asystems' MK20RC Plus is a variation of the popular MK20RC, retaining all the strengths of its predecessor while adding LAN/POE for an even more versatile IP control functions on top of the traditional serial connections. With the simple use of an Ethernet hub, linking the MK20RC Plus to IP control enables highly efficient and stress-free operation of up to 25 independent PTZ cameras.

Rear Panel
System Setup Diagram