4x4 Interface Matrix Switcher

• Built-in 4x4 Interface connectivity
• Supports computer-video to 1920x1200, including UHD up to 2160p/30
• EDID Minder® automatically manages EDID communication
• Flexible I/O grouping simplifying installation and control
• Allows any source to be displayed on multiple displays at the same time
• Allows any Interface display to view any Interface source at any time
• Supports 7.1 channel digital audio
• Supports default Interface EDID and learns the EDID of displays
• The matrix master can switch every output channels to any Interface inputs by push-in button, IR remote control, software control through RS-232 control and Ethernet control
• Easy installation with rack-mounting and wall-mounting designs for master and receiver respectively
• Fast response time – 2 to 5 seconds for channel switch
• Internal universal power supply - 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

System Setup Diagram