Full HD, 8-Channel Multi-Format Video Switcher, DVE Processor with Built-In Recorder

• 8 multi-format inputs (1 CATx Long Distance Interface, 3 Interface and 4 3G-SDI)
• 4 configurable multi-format Interface inputs including a RJ-45 connector via CATx cable
• 1 Interface AUX output
• 4 multi-format PGM outputs (1 CATx Long Distance Interface, 1 Interface, 1 3G-SDI and 1 LAN virtual webcam)
• 1 LAN video streaming output (Virtual Webcam)
• CATx transmits uncompressed 1080p video up to 70m via CATx cable
• 1M/E (Key, PIP) + DSK
• Built-in video recorder
• On board remote camera control via RJ-45 RS422 COM port
• DB-9 RS232 COM port for remote programing
• 10-split multiview screen
• 1 independent multiview monitor output (1080p)
• 10 fully configurable cross-points
• 32 user-definable memory presets
• Supports USB 3.0 external HDD for HD recording in H.264 format
• Scalable input and output
• Supports SMPTE Timebase

Asystems’ AV800HD Multi-Format Video Switcher will put the breathtaking production capabilities right under your fingertips. With 8 multi-format video inputs and 5 outputs, 32 sets of user-defined memories and a fully configurable, 10 cross-point button array for instant channel switching, the AV800HD combines several AV production tools in one compact, portable device, including an audio mixer, a digital video effects (DVE) processor and a frame synchronizer, making it an integral part of any live production crew, event organizer and video blogger.
The versatile input/output configurations, built-in digital effects, intuitive control scheme and capable of producing broadcast quality videos, the AV800HD can be seamlessly integrated into your existing setup and expand your workflow exponentially.

Multi-Format Input Configuration
Rear Panel
System Setup Diagram