6 in/4 Out, Full HD, 5 Channel, Multi-Format, All-In-One AV Switcher with Touch Screen Panel

Asystems introduces a new model to its switcher lineup, the AV500HD Compact Switcher with a built-in audio mixer and frame synchronizer. Equipped with a variety of standard interfaces, the AV500HD can accept sources from SDI and Interfaceinputs, plus 2 AUX outputs, this switcher can be easily integrated into a wide-range of production systems.

Designed to be simple with intuitive operability, the inclusion of the on board touch screen panel of the AV500HD reduces the learning curve time and provides ideal functionality for a wide range of small live production applications. In addition, this user-friendly switcher has many preset DME wipe patterns, PIP, a built-in Multiview Monitor, the ability to import still images via SDHC slot, a 12-channel audio mixer, and more.

Video Switcher:

• 6 multi-format inputs (4 Interface and 2 3G-SDI)
• 2 AUX outputs (2 Interface and 1 3G-SDI)
• 1 WAN video streaming output
• 1M/E (Key, PIP) + DSK
• DB-9 RS232 COM port for remote programing
• 7-split multiview screen
• 4-split on-board multiviewer, 7-split external Interface multiviewer (1080p)
• 5 fully configurable cross-points
• 4 user-definable memory presets
• Scalable output
• Supports SMPTE Timebase

Audio Mixer:

• 4 mono mic/line channels and 4 stereo channels
• Multi-reverb effect with user-adjustable parameters
• Integrated Mastering and Enhancer function
• Variable audio delay for lip synchronization
• AUX sends on each channel
• 3-band EQ on each and every channel
• +48 phantom power on mic channels
• 75Hz high-pass filter on mono channels
• Adjustable compresor/gate on each mono channel
• Phones source matrix for maximum monitor flexibility • Front panel headphone jack for easy access
• EFX/AUX send cue for monitoring individual channel

7” Built-In Capacitive Touch Monitor

The on board 7” capacitive touch monitor with 1024 x 600 ppi simplifies the traditional control interface for a more clear and intuitive setting adjustment and operation. Just a few simple touches, you can manipulate video effects, audio mixes whilst monitor the video input and output sources all at the same time!

Built-In 12-channel (4 Mono / 4 Stereo) Audio Mixer with Audio Delay Adjustment

For applications such as making music videos and multi- lingual programming, the AV500HD supports digital effects with delay control and 8-channel audio assignable from any input. The fantastic audio delay adjustment function can be utilized for lip synchronization. The front panel headphone jack makes monitoring of cued audio much easy.

A Complete Set of Video Switcher Control

On top of the 7” capacitive touch screen panel, AV500HD retains the button configuration that you’d expect from a video switcher, everything from channel cross-point buttons, preset memories, manual T-bar to wipe patterns are still intact, so that you can enjoy the new fluid control of the touch screen panel and still have the solid mechanical control you are accustomed to.

Multi-Format Input Configuration
Rear Panel
System Setup Diagram