3-Zone 100 Watt Mixer/Amplifier with Battery Connection

100 Watt AmplifierScrew terminal outputs can be wired for 4Ω or 100V distributed line connections in two zones
5 Input ChannelsThree combo (XLR / 1⁄4") jacks, two summed stereo RCA channels, 1⁄4" phone jack and mini-stereo
Link In & OutLine-level 1⁄4" phone jack connectors for linking devices with combined/ external signal selection
Tape In & OutFront-panel stereo RCA connectors for connecting to external playback and recording devices
USB PlaybackUSB player supports playback of digital audio files in MP3 and WMA formats
TonesAlert chimes and announcement tones available
DC Power+24V DC battery connectivity for power in the case of power-outages


6-Channel Commercial 120 Watt Mixer/Amplifier
Single 120 Watt amplifier output channel


6-Channel Commercial 240 Watt Mixer/Amplifier
Single 240 Watt amplifier output channel

Amplifier Power 120 Watt (GA6120) 240 Watt (GA6240)
Screw terminal outputs can be wired for 4Ω or 25V/70V/100V distributed line connections
6 Input ChannelsFour euroblock input connectors and two summed stereo RCA channels
RemoteEuroblock connectors for both muting and VCA operation
Phantom PowerIndividual phantom power for channels 1 through 4 activated through DIP switches
Zone 2/MOHEuroblock connectors with selectable input assignment
Tone ControlTreble and bass controls located below the Master control on front panel
70V/100VInput ChannelsAmp ChannelsBattery Connector