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Dual Compact Sound Projector

The Asystems PS series of sound projectors are both compact and stylish made of high impact ABS or solid aluminum. Both weather proof- and UV- proof, the systems offer a U bracket for versatile installations. Each sound projector speaker offers high output levels with clear audio with extra wide frequency responses. Designed specially to cut through the noise of every day life, PS series sound projectors can be installed in commercial buildings, business centers, indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, schools and education institutes, and airport and bus stations. They're ideal for music production, voice paging and emergency alert systems.

Perfect for music reproduction, paging and emergency alert systems
Solid ABS or aluminum construction makes the speakers extra sturdy
Rustproof bracket for flexible positioning both indoor and out
100V transformers with different operating modes depending on wiring
Wide dispersion angles

WooferDual Cone100V (set by wiring)8Ω bypassMax. SPLBracketMaterialIP Rating
PS-3031⁄2”No30W, 15W, 7.5W, 3.8WYes96 dBUABS55
PS-5051⁄4”No20W, 10W, 5WNo92 dBUABS56
PS-31151⁄4”Yes20W, 10W, 5WNo92 dBUAluminum55