Powerful Horn Speaker


Long-throw Horn Speaker

Perfectly clear audio over long distances and through harsh weather can be a reality. Asystems' HS series of horn loudspeakers are the ultimate in industrial sound. Ideal for accurate reproduction of both speech and alarm audio, the Asystems HS speakers are equipped with 100V transformers with numerous wiring options that determine wattage. This allows any number of speakers to run off a 100V distributed line at varying power ratings. Asystems horn speakers feature an industrial-grade ABS and aluminum construction that is both impact resistant and weatherproof. Each unit has a built- in cable for quick and easy installation in any number of commercial setups. A sturdy u-bracket with a 180 degree rotating range is included with each model, making the HS speakers perfect for all manners of indoor and outdoor commercial installations.

 Perfect for emergency paging systems and alarms
 Completely weather-proof with IP ratings of 65
 ABS plastic or aluminum construction for extra durability
 Rustproof coated u-bracket for flexible positioning
 Integrated cable for easy installation
 Power output determined by wiring
 High sound pressure levels

WooferTweeter100V (set by wiring)Max. SPLBracketMaterialIP Rating
HS-30Compression30W, 15W105 dBUAluminum56
HS-5051⁄4”50W, 30W, 15W99 dBUABS65