51⁄2” Coaxial Ceiling Speaker


8” Coaxial Ceiling Speaker


61⁄2” Coaxial Ceiling Speaker


8” Dual Coil Ceiling Subwoofer

The Asystems CS series are high-fidelity in-ceiling speakers that offer versatile operation in commercial and private application. With driver sizes ranging from 51⁄2" to 8" - with coaxially mounted tweeters in most cases - and incredibly diverse power handling and sound pressure levels, the CS series consists of four premium, lightweight speakers that can be easily installed in even the most demanding of venues. With 25 to 80 Watt power handling, these discrete speakers are ideal for moderate to high ceiling installations such as those found in schools, gymnasiums, meeting rooms, shopping centers and retail outlets. The versatile operating modes (8 ohms, 70V and 100V) make them ideal for almost any installation. The CS-8SUB matches perfectly with any of the coaxial models, adding a little extra bass to your music. Ideal for background audio systems and talk-over systems, the CS series can be integrated into most any ceiling material.

 Versatile operating modes including distributed line and low-impedance
 Tweeters coaxially mounted on woofers (excluding subwoofer model)
 Sturdy iron back-can and grille
 Discrete, low-profile design
 Wide frequency responses
 Built-in transformer (excluding subwoofer model)  Ideal for commercial installations
 Off-white finish

WooferTweeterPower Taps (100V)Rated Power RMSMax. SPLDispersion
CS-5T51⁄2”11⁄2"100V: 25W, 20W, 10W, 5W25W100 dB180°
CS-6T61⁄2”11⁄2"100V: 30W, 20W, 10W, 5W30W104 dB180°
CS-8T8”11⁄2"100V: 40W, 20W, 10W, 5W40W107 dB180°
CS-8SUB8”2 x 40W107 dB