20 February, 2017 – Asystems Corporation today announces the introduction of an all-new, unique feature to all of their network-enabled amplifier models. Both the DMA and NT series of digital matrix amplifiers and network amplifiers (respectively) feature a one-of-its-kind email reporting feature that sends notification messages directly to your inbox.

Working through your already established internet connection, the Asystems email reporting function works by utilizing a master email account to send notifications to up to 3 individual email accounts – pre-determined by the user.

Notifications can be triggered from user-selected protect modes that are monitored by the system. These include ‘Current’ – monitoring over-current in the power supply; ‘temperature’ – triggered by overheating of the system; ‘DC Offset’– protecting against DC displacement in power input circuitry; and, ‘Amp Shutdown’ – which is the result of total shutdown of the amplifier circuit on any one channel.

In an age where most adults have a smartphone, allowing them to receive notifications directly to their email is only natural. When this feature is combined with a phone’s push-notifications ability, the Asystems software can give you up-to-the-second system status messages anywhere in the world.

Offering an immediate warning on potential issues allows you to make immediate changes to rectify said issues. The Asystems software’s ability to remotely access your DMA or NT model from anywhere on the internet ensures that you can fix any issues remotely regardless of where you are.

This feature is available now on all DMA series digital matrix amplifiers – the DMA8825, DMA8813, DMA8425 and DMA8413 – as well as all NT series network amplifiers – the NT2508, NT1308, NT2504, NT1304 and NT4004. Many more amazing features can be found on each of these models. View individual product pages on www.asystems-sys.com for more information and check our news pages regularly.