How many remotes can I use with my DMP or DMA product?

Asystems offers 3 different remotes for their digital matrix processors and amplifiers. These are the RM-2VR, RM-4 and RM-6E (or RM-2U, RM-4U and RM-6EU in Europe). The number of RM remotes you can use is determined by the RM model itself and the DMA or DMP model you’re using. For a detailed rundown, see below.

RM-2VR / RM-2U

Each RM-2VR offers 2 rotary controls that are wired using Euroblock connectors. In essence, if you use an 8 channel DMA or DMP model, then you can use 4 RM-2VR remotes. This includes the DMP8800, DMP8813 and DMP8825. If you have a 4 channel model, you can use 2 RM-2VR remotes. This includes the DMA8413 and DMA8425.

RM-4 / RM-4U

Regardless of your DMA or DMP unit, only one RM-4 preset recall remote can be used at a time.

RM-6E / RM-6EU

Regardless of your model, up to 8 individual RM-6E digital remotes can be used. They are connected via CAT-5 cables by daisy-chaining one off another.